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Flat top Grillin’

I’ve got to say, I have performed two demos at The Meat House in Costa Mesa and they let me use their flat top grill to cook steak tips. Wow! This is a wonderful way to grill. It makes you feel like you are a chef at a teppan yaki restaurant. I liked it so much I went out and purchased a cast iron insert for my b-b-q grill. There are two types of inserts you can purchase, stainless steel or cast iron. I went the cast iron route since it is a little less expensive and it’s a great way to start my adventure into flat top grilling. Both inserts are very versatile. You can make breakfast on them, pancakes, eggs, bacon, pretty much anything you would make indoors on a griddle (great way to keep all the aromas outside too!). They can also be used for most types of grilling.

For the steak tips that I used in my demo we just fired up the grill on high for 5-10 minutes. Then I used a flat scraper to clean the grill and threw on the marinated (Obaachan Sauce Company’s Original Yakitori sauce) steak tips ( As they grilled I used a sharp knife and tongs to thinly slice and cube the tips, all the while they are cooking in the yakitori sauce and it is caramelizing to the meat. What a wonderful aroma! By the time I am done slicing the one and a half pounds of tips they are almost perfectly done. A few more turns and you have some fantastic tasting, grilled steak tips. It’s very easy to control the doneness of the meat since it is thinly sliced and you can remove it when it is as done as you prefer. Cook up some steamed rice and a vegetable and you are ready to go!